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Real World Experiences


Faith Based Opportunities



Legacy’s Leadership Academy provides quality, soul-enriching education, utilizing advanced curriculum in a small group setting while emphasizing faith in Jesus Christ, moral character, family, service, a love of America & the Founding Fathers and leadership. We aim for each student to have a transformational learning experience.

Legacy Leadership Academy includes both the middle school program for grades 7-8 and the high school for grades 9-12, and is in session Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm. Students may adjust their schedule to accommodate Seminary and extracurricular activities.  



Other Opportunities:

Theater Production: High school and middle school students learn acting, stagecraft,

and production skills by producing a full-length play for spring 2024. 

Leadership Expedition: Students plan and carry out a yearly leadership expedition

alternating between a regional and international location each year.

Student Council: Students carry out service and leadership projects to unify the

student body in a weekly student council. 

Students may earn high school credit for classes by co-enrolling in distance learning programs such as Overture, Tech Trep, or Harmony and submitting course requirements. An on-site advisor helps students to align work in both programs. The funding families receive through these programs does not work for tuition because of the religious component to classes, but it can be used to off-set books and curriculum costs and outside educational activities (e.g. music lessons, sports, computer purchases). 

High School Students wishing to work toward credits for their Associate Degree may opt out of courses and complete work onsite.

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