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Legacy Family School

Sign-up is now open for 2023-24. To register your family, please complete this sign-up form. Spaces are limited, and sign-ups will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will be notified if space is available for your family or if there is a waitlist. Additional information will be sent to you to complete your family’s registration if applicable.

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Family-led Learning

Legacy Family School is a parent-led “co-op” based at Legacy on Fridays. The goal of the Family School is to provide a gathering place and support for home-educated families. The Family School offers hands-on classes for students and community support for parents. Family members of ALL ages are welcome to attend, and nursery and pre-school facilities are offered on-site. Family School days begin at 9:15 with a devotional and classes are held from 9:30-12:30. We strive to meet the needs of our families in the following ways:

  • Enrichment classes: Hands-on classes in creativity, STEM, and personal development are led by co-op parents. Parents work together in teaching teams to develop their lesson plans according to the needs of the children they are teaching.

  • Social time: Time is available for Family School students to socialize and build friendships on most Friday afternoons. This will include park days, potlucks, and board games. Field trips are organized for days other than Fridays and are typically held once a month. Youth activities are also held monthly on a Friday evening.

  • Parent support: A key part of the mission is strengthening parents in their responsibilities as education stewards. Moms can expect to find support and strength as they work together in teaching teams and on planning committees. We believe that strong relationships between the moms is vital to the success of our program.  To support this effort we will also have a monthly book club for moms and an annual Mother's Conference held in May. 

Youth Program

The Family School has a strong youth program for teens (12-18). Our goal is to develop classes that will encourage personal growth, creativity, and friendship building in an environment that strengthens our youth through an emphasis on strong principles of personal integrity, leadership, and community. In addition to a variety of elective options, we follow a three year rotation for scholarly focus: (1) Growth mindset, leadership, and discerning truth; (2) History and government; and (3) Shakespeare, drama, and stagecraft. These youth classes are offered at two different levels: practice scholar (7th-9th grade) and scholar (10th-12th grade). We also provide leadership development for our youth in many ways, including the opportunity to serve on a youth council.


Fees & Additional Information

Family School families are charged a fee to help pay for the building and on-site resources shared with Legacy’s other programs. The tuition is per semester and determined by family size. All children count towards tuition with the exception of those in nursery. Fall semester 2023 runs from Sept 1 - December 15. Spring semester 2024 runs from January 19-April 26. 

Families with 1 child registered:

  • $220/family

Families with 2 children registered:

  • $265/family

Families with 3 or more children registered:

  • $300/family

Tuition covers operating costs of the facility. Each student will have a per semester class fee to be given directly to the student’s teaching team and to be used as their class budget. This fee is determined annually by the type of classes being offered. For the 2023-24 school year class fees will range from $10 (young children) - $30 (youth). 

Note: The Family School is designed to be organized and led by parents who stay and serve, thus there is not an option to drop off students. Families interested in dropping off should consider the 4-day or 2-day programs offered by Legacy Academy.


Legacy Family School invites you to read through their parent handbook here to find more information about specific policies, parent expectations, and answers to commonly asked questions. For clarification or answers to questions not found in the handbook, please contact the Family School director.


Sign-up is now open for 2023. To enroll, complete this sign-up form. After signing up, accepted families will then receive additional information about teaching assignments, assisting with activity planning, cleaning assignments, and devotional assignments. Spaces are limited, and sign-ups will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To contact the 2023-24 Family School director, Toshia Stott, call or text (971) 404-6342 or email

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