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      Legacy Academy is a private, non profit, faith-based K-12 school that strives to build faith, strong character and knowledge. We know the importance of educating the heart as well as the mind. We promote the good, the true and the beautiful as we stand for faith, family and freedom.


True education is about whom we become, not just what we know. We believe that education is meant to enlighten the best in us and prepare us to expand our talents and capacity to do good and to be good in an ever-changing world. ​ Through the lens of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, Legacy students experience a rich culture of strong academics in a wholesome, spirit-filled environment.

      We aim to be a powerful resource to parents who take the responsibility to bring up their children in light and truth seriously. Our children live in a confusing, chaotic world; we teach that there is peace in Christ and power in His teachings. We believe learning can be joyful. We know that joy is found in discovery, hard work, diligence, responsibility, accountability, and goal-setting. As we discover our talents and gifts and learn to use these to bless the lives of others, we find purpose and fulfillment. At Legacy Academy, we aim to teach leadership by learning true discipleship. By following the invitation of the Savior to "come follow me" we can share our light with others.

      All activities, teaching, governance and administration shall be in harmony with the doctrines, principles and teachings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Saints. Students and families of all faiths are welcome.

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