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Legacy Academy does not require uniforms, but does have a dress and grooming standard. This standard helps maintain a positive and moral atmosphere, ensures modesty and cleanliness, and invites the Spirit of God into the classroom.

“Obedience to small things creates a spirit of obedience in all things, and thus invites the blessings of heaven.”

— Elder Kim B. Clark

The dress and grooming standards are based on the following principles:

1. Our bodies are sacred gifts from Heavenly Father.
2. When we are well groomed and modestly dressed, we invite the companionship of the Spirit.
3. Our dress and appearance influences the way we act.

Legacy strives for excellence in learning and behavior, thus the expectation for dress and grooming is a high standard. Here is a list of suggested items that help students dress appropriately for Legacy.

Young Men:

Collared or buttoned-up shirts
Dress pants, slacks, or khakis
Sweaters, blazers
Dress shoes or clean tennis shoes in good condition

A clean and well-cared-for appearance with hair trimmed above the collar

Young Ladies:

Dressy shirts, blouses, or sweaters
Dress pants, slacks, or khakis
Dresses, skirts, or jumpers that cover the knees when sitting
Dress shoes, boots, sandals, or clean tennis shoes in good condition
A clean and well-cared-for appearance 

Items that are too casual in attire for Legacy expectations:


Sweatpants or joggers

Athletic pants, yoga pants, or leggings 

Clothing with large writing or symbols
Sweatshirts or hoodies
Active attire (yoga pants, leggings)
Clothing with writing and/or symbols
Flip flops or slides
Clothing with holes

Blankets in class
Extreme hair color, styles, or piercings 

These lists are not all inclusive. Students and parents are to use their best judgment. We expect students to self govern their dress and appearance before they leave for school by asking themselves:

-Am I modest?

-Are my clothes and hair neat and clean?

-Does my apperaance say, "I am ready to do my best school work?"

-Does my appearance invite the spirit to be with me?

"Stand out; be different from the world. You and I know that you are to be a light to the world. Therefore, the Lord needs you to look like, sound like, act like, and dress like a true disciple of Jesus Christ." (President Nelson, Worldwide Youth Devotional,  June 2018)

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