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Legacy Academy is the classroom drop-off program for grades K-6.

Legacy Leadership Academy is our program for grades 7-12.

Part time student enrollment is offered based on availability.

Students are organized into homeroom classes led by experienced homeroom teachers. Some grades may be combined depending on class size. 

School is in session Mon-Thurs, 9 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. with the option of 2-day attendance on Tuesday and Thursday.

Legacy students benefit from small class sizes and individualized support. There are typically around 15-20 students in each homeroom led by 1 -2 experienced teachers and aids. Depending on their age and ability, students may also be grouped by level as they work on their core learning subjects.

Legacy teachers strive to know each student, their family, and their individual needs.


 The curriculum is centered on the development of the whole child using these specific approaches: 

  • Character Development: In the Who I Really Am program, students learn foundational principles through animal guides who teach symbolically through story, music, scriptures, and personal application. 

  • Language Arts: For levels K-4, Legacy used The Good and The Beautiful as the primary curriculum.  For levels 5-8, we use the Institute for Excellence in Writing's (IEW) writing program, along with grammar lessons from Michael Clay Thompson (MCT).  We also do individual and group projects to practice language art principles in an engaging way, striving to reach hearts before minds.  We encourage outside reading to develop a love of learning.  

  • Math: Legacy uses The Good and the Beautiful math for levels K-5.  Older or more advanced students will have the option of using a well-regarding online math program such as CTC Math with support from a mentor.  In both language arts and math, students may progress at their own pace if a plan between teachers and parents is in place to support the child.  

  • Science and History: Students are taught to see the wonder of science, God's hand in the founding of America, and world history alongside scriptural history. 

  • Electives: Students also have a daily elective such as art, music, theatre, or PE. For a la carte pricing on electives, please contact us. 

  • Projects and Special Events: Each term students participate in project-based learning, culminating in learning fairs such as the living history fair, business far, life skills fair, and science fair.  

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