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At Legacy Academy, our mission is to assist parents in their divinely appointed duty to bring up their children in light and truth by providing an education, atmosphere, and community that:

  1. Builds faith in God and in His son Jesus Christ;

  2. Develops Christlike character and moral self-governance;

  3. Develops academic knowledge and skills to make self-education a lifelong pursuit;

  4. Promotes a love for America and an understanding of principles of liberty; and

  5. Prepares one to be a lifelong disciple of Jesus Christ that desires to serve Him with all their heart, might, mind and strength.


Legacy Academy 

Laying a foundation of true principles. 


K-6 classroom program Mon - Thurs with experienced teachers, high-quality curriculum, small class sizes, and an uplifting learning environment where students learn their true identity, strengthen their character, and find joy in learning.

Legacy Leadership Academy

Launching leaders to fulfill their divine missions. 


A 7-12 middle and high school program with outstanding teachers and mentors who help students discover their divine purpose through leadership and service, career exploration, engaging classes, and life-changing learning experiences.

Legacy Family School

Community, support, and inspiration. 


A homeschool co-op serving dedicated homeschooling families at Legacy Academy on Fridays. The Family School is a gathering place for like-minded families to find connection, support, and weekly learning experiences for their children ages 0-18.


We have loved the strong foundation that Legacy Academy offers to our kids! They educate the heart as well as the mind and it makes a huge difference! The teachers and staff are awesome, and it has always been led by inspiration from the founder down! The first time I walked into the school it felt so different, I even got a little teary. It's neat to have your kids go to a school where they ask who needs to be prayed for and can pray and sing uplifting songs at school. There are also unique leadership, service, and business activities and opportunities there. They are always trying to offer new things to the students that will inspire them! We are big fans of Legacy and are so grateful for what this school has done for our kids and family! –Lindsey
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